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AARP • February 2006 Dressed to Quilt

T-shirt drawers are like time capsules these days when we were a size smaller and still had lava lamps. And though it’s been ages since we’ve worn that faded, holey 1972 Rolling Stones concert shirts, we’re not quite ready to use its as a dust rag either. A winter alternative: stitch’T (, based in New York City, will take those T-shirts and create a personalized patchwork quilt. A 58x30 inch blanket ($300) requires 18 T-shirts, an 80x80-inch throw ($350) needs a whopping 25. If you’re short of shirts, stitch’T will fill in with its own at no additional charge. We sent stitch’T a box of prized-but-threadbare tees, fully expecting the final product to , well, tacky-like a blanket that looks like bunch of T-shirts stitched together. But six weeks later, when the quilt arrived, we were in blanket nirvana. Backed with grey sweatshirt material, the quilt is cozy and unique, and every patch provides a great memory. Now if only someone could make a quilt out of holey socks.