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family reunion T-shirt

Family Reunion T-shirt

Not much is known about the Mossorofo family other than they had a get together back in 1991 worthy of making this simple T-shirt marking the event with the details spelled out in the classic all capital Arial font. Rest … Continue reading

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italian stallion

Italian Stallion T-shirt

Say the words “Italian Stallion” and Sylvester Stallone “Sly” or Rocky immediately pops into our heads. Show us a picture of this vintage yellow T-shirt with an iron-on sparkly horse decal and I we are reminded of a scene from … Continue reading

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camp fubsy

Camp Fubsy T-shirt

There is no information on the internet that Camp Fubsy ever existing. The only remaining evidence is this turquoise poly-cotton Jerzees T-shirt. Is Fubsy the animal pictured on this T-shirt? Webster dictionary defines fubsy as “chubby and somewhat squat.” Did … Continue reading

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denoyer geppert

Denoyer-Geppert Science Company T-shirt

Denoyer-Geppert Science Company is the leader in the manufacturing and distribution of human anatomy models and skeletons, maps and globes. For a great way to decorate your living room, bid on one of many vintage maps, anatomy lessons and other … Continue reading

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5 mile challange

5 mile challange race T-shirt

Congratulations on 15 years as a T-shirt. you’re finally vintage! The Alley Pond Striders running club made this caricature-filled photo finish T-shirt to celebrate their 1996 5 mile challenge. now, in the club’s 30th year, they have grown to over … Continue reading

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pile of shirts

letting go…of your T-shirts

we all know how hard it can be to take the final step to part with the pile of treasured T-shirts that mean so much to us. yes, we’re talking about that super soft 86 Mets World Championship cutoff sleeve … Continue reading

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history of the T-shirt

can you imagine life without your T-shirts? “T-shirt” did not become a word in the English dictionary until the 1920’s and the style didn’t enter mainstream fashion until the 1960’s. named the T-shirt due to the shape of the garment’s … Continue reading

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welcome to the new stitch’T website!

we’ve got some exciting news about — we’ve made it better! announcing the new look of, where giving your T-shirts a new lease on life is now even easier. we’ve designed the new website with smarter navigation, simpler … Continue reading

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morris the cat T-shirt

Morris The Cat T-shirt

Morris The Cat has been the mascot of Heinz`s 9Lives pet food since 1968. he is credited with “writing” three books on cat care, Morris ran in the 1988 and 1992 presidential elections on the Finicky Party platform, campaigning for … Continue reading

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snoopy big apple new york

pictures of really cool T-shirts

since starting stitch’T, we have received tons (actually thousands of pounds) of T-shirts and sweatshirts so we frequently come upon some great vintage T-shirts. so for now on we are going to feature pictures of vintage T-shirts on our blog. … Continue reading

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